First of all, it’s not about getting rid of stress. That won’t happen. Stress is a part of real life – always has been, always will be.

Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, stress (and sometimes tons of it) is a part of our existence as humans.

So what is the difference between successful people, who thrive, even while faced with stressful circumstances, and those who crash and never get back up?

One component is resilience. A high degree of resilience is simply required in order to be successful over the long run. We all fall and we all fail. Getting back up is the key. Learning to rise again after the fall is a habit, and it takes courage.

The other part of the formula for success is managing and dealing with stress while it’s happening. Stress is real and it can do crazy things to our brains and bodies, if we let it. Stress can keep us awake all night and make us grouchy and irritable during the day. Stress can trap us in a state procrastination, feeling like we have so much to do and so little time.

Stress can take over our lives, but it doesn’t have to.

You are stronger and more powerful than your stress. Tackling your stress is a skill, and you can become better at managing it over time.

Here are some of my best stress-busting tactics.P

If you’ll do these six things, I’ll bet that you can get a better handle on the stress in your life, and watch yourself to not only start feeling better, but also get a whole lot more done.

Here’s to winning your personal war against stress!!


Brett Blair – Executive Coach