If you are like me, you sometimes struggle with getting the most important things done.  It is so easy to stay busy working on the urgent but not-important “stuff” in our lives.  Steven Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People,” has a great chapter on time-management, and points out how we really should prioritize working on the “Important,” and “Not-Urgent” items on our to-do list.  (This is Habit #3:  Putting First Things First).

Seth Godin has also blogged on this, comparing “Hard Work” versus “Long Work.”

For me, the “Hard Work” is where the most value is created, but it is the hardest to get to.  Examples are:

1)  Writing original content for publications, presentations, etc.

2)  Making those scary marketing calls and visits

3)  Preparing for, practicing and scheduling major industry presentations

4)  Taking time for deep reflection, planning and  honest goal setting

I know that if I really prioritized the “Hard Work” versus the “Long Work” (examples are answering emails, phone calls, doing other busy work in the office), then I would be phenomenally more successful.   My challenge is to rise above the gravity of doing the easy, long work.