In this autobiography + personal development book, Brett Blair boldly shares his life story, and then coaches the reader on the principals of best-life living. You will turn the last page equipped with tools and philosophies for moving from autopilot to authentic. 


Far from your typical leadership or business book, this fictional tale takes you on an emotional roller coaster through the eyes of characters who create the opportunity for profound, permanent life change and growth. 


ALICE OSBORN | editor 

“You can choose to be happy and you can choose to design and live your exceptional life. Thank you, Brett, for the awesome read and inspiration. ”

DR. ROGER HALL | business psychologist

“Brett gives a realistic portrayal of the zig-zag path of one man’s personal development. If you are drifting along in life, you will find a worthy example of how to change your life for the better in this book.” 


GARY BAKER | managing director

“As soon as I opened the book and started reading I was engaged and did not put it down until I turned the last page. What I read and learned about myself from reading this book changed my life.”

ALLAN CURTIS | designer  

“This is a great book to share with friends and loved ones who are facing challenges and choices of their own, in search of their exceptional lives.”

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